Whatever traps your attention distracts you from reaching your goal, from getting the prey that is the love inside. If you can capture the prey, you will see that your love can grow strong inside you, and it can fulfill all your needs. This is so important for your happiness.

don Miguel Ruiz

Even though you would like your government to orchestrate the laws or God to orchestrate the law or somebody to give everybody one set of rules, it’s not ever going to happen. Each one of you, individually, are seeking your own vibrational balance, and when you find it, then you will welcome all kinds of different beliefs, because you will never fear that the belief will take you someplace that you don’t want to be.


The buffer of time gives you the opportunity to get it right before it manifests, to take pleasure from the vision and from the molding it into place… Can you imagine if everything was manifesting instantly? You would manifest this, and then you would manifest it away. And then you’d manifest that, and then… It would be a difficult thing if you were instantly manifesting every whim or every misaligned thought. It’s so much better that you have this buffer of time where you can feel it into perfection before it manifests into your experience.


Roger-dodger, you have been heard!

And at this very moment, every single atom in the cosmos is being reprogrammed, every single angel is being summoned, and big wheels are a-turning!

We just hope you weren’t kidding.

The Universe